“Why Even Bother Doing Your Hair And Make Up In Self-Isolation?”

“Why Even Bother Doing Your Hair And Make Up In Self-Isolation!”

I was asked this question not that long ago after I mentioned to a friend that I’m still basically doing what I’ve always done when it comes to self grooming at home. I’m still showering, still doing my hair and still applying some make up here and there. Heck- I’m even attempting to do my own pedicures since it’ll be 2025 before I’ll be able to get to a nail salon at this rate,

But why?? She asked. Who’s even going to see you? Apart from your husband and kids that is.

So here’s the thing. I never dressed up or did my hair and make up for anyone else in the first place. That bronzer I swipe over my cheeks – it ain’t for anyone’s benefit except my own. I do it for me cause it makes ME feel good. And when I FEEL good I DO good.

I also work from home and as tempting as it is to stay in my pj’s all day in bed I know my productivity is lower when I look like something out of Night Of The Living Dead!


Don’t get it twisted though…I’m not here applying glam make up every day and there will be times when my hair has been in a top knot for more days than I care to count.

So when I say my every day grooming routine is minimal, Β I MEAN it, unlike our girl Kimmie who has blessed us all with a video of a ‘quick and natural make up routine’ she does at home. Suffice to say her routine requires more layers than a Van Gogh painting but did we really expect anything less?

And before you roll your eyes- this video is GOLD. You know why? Cause Kim is all of us when we just want 10 minutes of ‘alone time’ without being harassed by our kids.

For some of us that time out may mean hiding in the laundry pretending to fold clothes. It may mean going outside to water the garden, while for others it means locking yourself in the bathroom to play withmake up. Whatever it takes girl…you do you!

In Kim’s make up video we can see daughter North popping in and out and asking the mum of 4 a million questions. Kim speaks to the camera, looking exasperated saying she basically hides in the bathroom because her kids won’t leave her alone. Except North hears her and quips back with ‘hey…that’s mean!”

Mean or not .for some people, applying makeup can be a soothing ritual that relaxes them. It’s probably the only time we get to be so close and intimate with our faces right? Plus there’s something calming about taking the time to apply your make up, contour, perfect that winged liner or whatever it may be that centres you.

Some of us find zen in yoga while others find it in a collagen-infused hydrating mask. No judgements here.

So while we’re all doing our best to stay home during isolation I’ve also taken this opportunity to do a stocktake of all my skin care and make up products in the bathroom. My aim is to try and actually finish a bottle or tube of something before I buy another one. I mean seriously, what use do I have for 6 different types of Vitamin C serums?

I think this is the prefect time to rediscover what you have in your bathroom. Try that hair mask, have a go with some new lip colours. Why not? What are you even saving them for?

Now to answer the question that prompted this whole post to begin with…why do I bother doing hair and make up in isolation? Cause it makes me feel good and during these uncertain times it’s important to continue doing whatever it is that sparks joy in you. Be it making hot cross buns, going for walks, binge watching Netflix, doing yoga or yes, even applying a bit of lipstick every morning.

Love, Chrystal.


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