An Open Letter To Everyone Who Thinks This Pandemic Is A Fake!

An Open Letter To Everyone Who Thinks This Pandemic Is A Fake!

Dear (please insert name),

This is an open letter for every Facebook expert who is adamant that Covid-19 is some ‘cover’ to keep us all occupied while the government puts up some new Telco towers.

It’s for everyone who thinks the numbers of Covid deaths are made up and that it’s all some way to impose a totalitarian state upon the people of Australia.

For every moron who refuses to wear a mask because it impedes on their freedom somehow.

For those who fear the government is keeping tabs on them through COVID apps on their phones yet TIK TOK and Candy Crush are ok.

Idiots who continue to break the rules and go out for their KFC feed at 2;00am in the morning. For those who think its acceptable to assault a police officer who questions them on why they’re not wearing a mask.

The ‘free thinkers’ who film themselves being rude to sales staff in order to impose some sort of self importance.

Selfish individuals who continue to have friends over. Who entertain and have BBQ’s in their backyards. Who continue to have play dates for their kids. Who allow their kids to visit friend’s houses.

The narrow minded ones who share videos and misinformation on social media like they’re the only ‘woke’ ones and the rest of us are morons for adhering to rules.

I say stop getting your information from Facebook and start educating yourself on what’s really going on. Listen to stories from our frontline workers who are up against the toughest work conditions they’ve ever had to face. Speak to people who have lost family members and were unable to be at their deathbeds as they took their last breath. Check the source of articles before claiming them to be true. Stop buying into conspiracy theories and stop sharing them with your friends. It doesn’t do us any good.

While you’re still visiting friends and refusing to wear masks the rest of us are doing the hard yards for you. You’re welcome!

We’re missing out on family time, on social activities, on holidays on having a sense of normality all because you feel you’re above the law. It’s like being in a classroom and everyone gets detention because of that one shit of a kid who continues to call out. Just shut the F up and let us all go home on time!

That’s exactly how law-abiding citizens are feeling towards all of you at this moment, Just do the right thing so we can all get on with things. This isn’t about you. Cause chances are you haven’t thought about how your refusal to stay home has impacted on our kids, have you?

If you’re a parent, then chances are your children have been learning online from home since about March of this year. You’ve had to watch them adjust to a new way of learning, a new way of living. They had no control over this, they have had no say in what happens to their future and yet they’ve just got on with things.

Our kids are the ones we should be thanking. Their lives have changed in ways they could never have imagined. No longer at school, no longer socialising with their friends, no longer able to play sports, no longer able to walk outside without wearing masks no longer able to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

These kids are resilient and will get through this with our help. We have to allow them to have their bad days. To have outburst that may result in tears. To swear at the TV when new changes are announced.

We can help them by allowing them to feel their feelings. Don’t suppress them by telling them “it will all be okay.” Tell them “we don’t know what the future holds, but we know we will get through it together.”

Allow them to have mental health days – if they’re not coping with the work load- take them out for a walk- let them watch a favourite movie – or just let them be.

Their world has been turned upside down and they feel like they have no control anymore, Just like us they yearn for a simpler time when they could just walk to school with their friends.

Please check in on your kids, The signs of them not coping may be subtle. Are they holding onto particular toys more so? Have their eating habits changed? Are they having trouble falling asleep?

Let them know it’s okay to talk about their feelings. Let them know that you feel like that too. That it’s okay to not have all answers. But above all make them feel loved and secure. Give them a soft place to land when they fall.

That’s how YOU not wearing a mask affects our kids! That’s how YOU not staying home affects our kids!

You may be angry because you don’t like being told what to do – but guess what? There are a lot more of us who are angrier at you for keeping us all in with your petulant behaviour.

As we navigate through this pandemic and as we face tougher restrictions on our lives, our anger is becoming more prevalent. We are no longer tolerating selfish behaviour from a small segment of the population who refuse to do the right thing.

So in conclusion – thank you to everyone who is doing their part. Who is sacrificing so much so we can get through this faster. It’s because of your efforts that we will eventually see things change for the better.

For everyone else -please stop!

Stop spreading BS Facebook posts.

Stop posting memes on why masks aren’t effective.

Stop sharing articles on how a tower has caused a respiratory illness.

Stop telling people that Covid testing is a way to microchip you.

But most of all, stop being assholes!

Love, Chrystal







  1. alkig

    Amazing Chrystal…I feel you. And I’m on the same page. There’s been quite a bit of FB unfriending happening.

    Now if you could just jump on the back of a truck with a megaphone so everyone can hear you!

    Alki x


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