Quick and Easy Lashes With Youthphoria!


Big, bold lush lashes are set to be the new trend in the coming year , mostly thanks to one certain pandemic. Most of us have taken to wearing masks which means our eyes and brows have now become the only real visible features on our faces. So let’s take a look at how to accentuate those peepers without spending a lot of time and effort in the process

Let it be said though that fake lashes are something I’ve always struggled with. And by always I mean hardly ever. As in I’ve only worn them a couple of times. And that was about a hundred years ago during my epic but short lived dancing career.

The year was roughly 1985 and I dreamed of being a back up dancer for Paula Abdul. Each Thursday afternoon I’d rush back from school, change into my ridiculously tight leotards, scrape my hair up into a bun and prepare to be dropped off at the local Scout’s Hall for an hour of kick-ball-change and jazz hands,

Once a year we’d all come together for the end of year show where we got to show off our dance routines and drag queen make up. Fake eyelashes and all. Back then it was a one-size fits all kind of market. There was only style of lash and that was the furry spider leg. All lashes were long, thick, fake looking and applied with toxic glue. I assume the glue was toxic cause one year I managed to get some in my eye and seriously I have no recollection of how I finished my routine to Love is a Battlefield.


Anyway, I digress. So, if you’re like me and have never really tried false lashes before then you are going to love these magnetic ones by Youthphoria Beauty. Aussie owned, and Australia’s first and original 6-Micro Magnet lashes. They are light and feathery and do away with any toxic glue. In fact these attach to a magnetic eye liner you apply to the eye lid first.

It’s that simple- apply the liquid eye liner that comes with your pack and then using the gizmo gadget (yes, that’s the official word) carefully place the lashes on. 


A great tip is to apply the lashes while the eye liner is semi dry and then press firmly down until the lashes magnetise. Hold them on to secure and that way they will last you all day and night!

In fact I went for a 5km walk with mine on and even through the sweat , they didn’t budge at all!

Here’s part 1 of my experience with the magnetic lashes. If you like what you see then you can check out the full videos on my Instagram highlights reel. 

I had a chat with self confessed beauty geek, lash expert, pharmacist and founder of Youthphoria lashes Shirley Be about how these innovative lashes came to be. 

Shirley is a five-times certified lash technician, registered Australian pharmacist, cosmetic chemist, naturopath mum of two and a skin therapist with over 16 years of medical experience. It’s this passion which led Shirley to come up with these lashes for her loyal clients. 



Click here to purchase your set of Aussie made Youthphoria Magnetic lashes and use the code CHRYSTALTEN for 10% off your first purchase, If you want a good starter set then I highly recommend the Ariel

They are the prefect all- rounder in my opinion.

Happy shopping!

Love, Chrystal


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