Carrie Bradshaw Is STILL Our Forever Style Icon

With the finale of And Just Like That well and truly behind us, I feel it’s time to now focus on the unequivocal style of Carrie Bradshaw slash Sarah Jessica Parker. Everyone’s fave NY gal returned to us this season a bit more grown up, a bit more sombre, definitely with more lines and silver hair but still every inch as FABULOUS as she was in the 90’s.

While a lot of criticism has been directed to the new series, I for one loved seeing the girls back on my screen. I missed their banter and wit and friendship that has seen them through many of life’s ups and downs. With the exception of Samantha Jones of course, who we now know had no intentions of returning for a new series.

Yes, the show bought back a strange version of Miranda who seemingly had no idea the world had moved on. Are we really meant to believe Miranda didn’t listen to podcasts?? Especially Carrie’s? Or that she would be so awkward speaking to her professor?

But what what it did bring back was a chance for all of us to escape into the wonderful world that is Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. And let’s be honest, we all prefer her little old walk through closet in her apartment over the perfectly curated one she had with Big (rest his soul). Carrie is all about the casualness of having her shoes lined up on the floor- so she can quickly strap on a pair of heels to chase after a dog! (I miss Aiden.)

If Carrie Bradshaw has taught us anything it’s to have fun with clothes. To not be afraid to experiment. To get joy from an outfit. To not care about the appropriateness of sensible shoes. One of my favourite moments was seeing Carrie painting in overalls and a pair of silver Aquazzura Sandals. It’s so utterly ridiculous yet so fabulous that it makes me want to redecorate just so I can replicate the outfit!

I mean…they are FAB U LUSSS!!
And the Coles Cooler looking bag? Chef’s kiss!

This blazer was another favourite and I loved the return of the flower brooch, teamed with her wedding Manolo’s which unfortunately bought her nothing but bad luck that day 😦
It’s been refreshing to see Carrie delve into her own archives and rewear pieces she’s worn before. Just like this black studded belt, which she’s named ‘Roger’ that’s made many appearances throughout the series. This time it was teamed with a beautiful fuschia dress – last time we saw it was when Carrie wore it with this stunning green floral number. Also note the Eiffel Tower bag!! It makes a more sombre appearance in AJLT.
Le Bag…
Carrie in Valentino and Big in a bag!
Platform shoes again! And only Carrie can wear an over sized men’s white shirt without looking like your year 10 Art’s teacher!
Carrie is all about the layering- I love this chambray shirt under a floral dress look. All pulled together with the Gucci purse- a perfect balance of op shop and high end.
Classic Carrie- tulle and a sweater. This look has become synonymous with our curly girl and IMO no one does it better!

There were so many great looks this season for Ms. Bradshaw and while I’m not going to include them all I MUST mention her smoking outfit! As much as Carrie is hanging for her nicotine hit she DOES NOT want any lingering smoke on her hair or hands. And don’t we all feel that pain! And in classic ‘who-cares-what-people-think’ moment, Carrie emerges from her apartment looking like Little Eadie from Grey Gardens. “I smoked in here one night and then everything smelled like a cigarette and I was right back there, wanting to smoke morning, noon, and while I was sleeping,” Carrie explains of her no smoking inside rule. “Now, I allow myself one a day in a walk around the block, with like three kerchiefs on my head and Playtex kitchen gloves. I just can’t risk having that smell on my hair and my hands.”

And that Kmart hoodie! Talk about relatable…!

Apart from the smoking outfit another favourite moment for me was hearing Carrie be called by her full name. Yes, Carrie is short for Caroline!! Did you know this? It all happened pretty fast in the “Some of My Best Friends” episode, when Carrie walks into a bodega she’s clearly been to a lot. The owner immediately greets her as “Caroline,” and that’s when the pieces fall into place. Carrie is short for Caroline…and just like that I learnt something new!

Love, Chrystal

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