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Is Dansk is good.

My love for all things Danish (including pastries) comes from the warm feelings the designs evoke. Nordic style is synonymous with wooden chalets, deer antlers and pine tree motifs. (No wonder Wham’s Last Christmas video is one of my favourites!) The Danes have a great way of combining beauty with functionality. Clean lines, smooth finishes […]


Take 2…

I like to think I’m doing my part for the environment when shopping for vintage or recycled fashion. Not only am I saving all these clothes, shoes and bags from becoming landfill but I’m instantly updating my wardrobe with interesting pieces. Take 2 Markets is one of my favourite places to shop. With so many […]


Peplum shleplum…

Apparently the peplum is everywhere. From chain stores to the hips of Princess Kate (or PK as I like to call her). A peplum is a short skirt attached to a bodice, a jacket or even another skirt. It claims to be feminine (who wants extra layers around their hips?), elegant and flatters all (supermodel) […]


What are BB creams?

Hi. My name is Chrystal and I’m a cosmetics addict. Okay, so addict conjures up all sorts of unsavoury images; jumping in the car in the middle of the night to buy a new leg moisturiser that claims to slim legs (true story), or buying every magazine that comes with an itsy-bitsy sample of anything […]