Vintage Finds

Take a seat…

Whenever I visit my cafe for my daily fix I ALWAYS stop and stare at this chair  (unless of course someone is sitting in it, in which case it’s just awkward). I’ve mentioned to the owner that if she ever sells them I want first dibs. They’re leather and gorgeous and I think they’re Danish […]


Colour me happy.

I found this beautiful vintage top by Meredith the other week. I was instantly drawn to the stunning colours and design of the sleeves. Very Jason and his Technicolour coat isn’t it? I’m still not sure where I will wear it – but I just had to bring it home. And for only $6 how […]


Take 2…

I like to think I’m doing my part for the environment when shopping for vintage or recycled fashion. Not only am I saving all these clothes, shoes and bags from becoming landfill but I’m instantly updating my wardrobe with interesting pieces. Take 2 Markets is one of my favourite places to shop. With so many […]