Wax on, wax off…

Feel free to file this under TMI (too much information) – but I just have to share the fact that I waxed my armpits for the first time a couple of weeks ago using NAD’s. Initially I uhhmmed and ahhed about trying it, you know with the whole pain factor and all, but then I […]


Beauty in a flash…

Sometimes my favourite blog posts to read are the ones that give me an insight into the blogger’s personal life – little things like their favourite shoe, what they did on the weekend or what they had for dinner. It’s that voyuer thing we all have going on- well I do anyway, which explains my […]


The art of threading…

Hi Fashionistas – I’m off to my first blogger’s lunch for a great new beauty product (more deets to come) in just over an hour and I’m having a mini melt down of the “I have nothing to wear!!’ variety!! Wish me luck …x In the mean time, read about the amazing things you can […]