Swedish Hasbeens

Dear friends, I have decided to become a collector. A collector of something so fabulous that I just had to blog about it. No, it’s not chairs- my seat to backside ratio at home is already out of control. It’s not Danish furniture either- cause my living room is beginning to resemble Angelucci’s showroom. Which […]


The perfect boot

Now that summer is well and truly over here in the land of Oz, it’s time to bid farewell to our love affair with open toed clogs (ok, my love affair) and embrace our love of boots! What I love most about the approaching cold weather is the fact that we have so many more […]


A Danish night

From the first moment I walked into the Dansk store on Chapel street in Windsor, I knew I had stumbled upon something special. It was a place that truly appealed to my Danish aesthetic. I gravitate towards the design element of anything Nordic- all those clean lines, functional wooden furniture and deer antlers. I’m sure […]