Diane von Furstenberg

Ultimate princess

The Queen has announced that Kate Middleton is to receive a Regal Makeover. I don’t know about you but to me that sounds like she’s free to break out the tiaras and rock some serious BLING! But oh no- the overhaul will see the Queen’s personal dresser in charge of Kate’s transition into being more […]


Spring into Neon

Happy Monday everyone! The sun is shining here in Melbourne today, which serves as a reminder that Spring has well and truly sprung. I love that feeling of the days slowly getting longer and the evenings milder. Where we slowly lose our layers of jumpers, jackets and scarves and put on our favourite sandals and […]


Friday Fashionista – Olivia Palermo

I’m sure if you look in the dictionary under fashionista there will be a tres chic photo of Olivia Palermo. This girl encompasses everything that I love about fashion. She is edgy and modern while staying classic and subtle at the same time. She has that knack of throwing anything on and making it her […]