The Mule is back!

Yes, it’s true! The 90’s are back. If you’re like me you probably remember the craze that has us wearing hideous platform mules. They were usually white and had that plastic, foam sole. Remember?? Well, never fear, the new mule has been reborn. Thankfully it’s sleeker, sexier and so much cuter to wear. I’ve been […]


Gumboots and Puddles

There’s a lot to love about the changing of the seasons. The air gets brisk and the days seem fresher. I personally love the cooler weather in Melbourne especially in Autumn when the colours are beautiful hues of burnt amber. There’s leaves to crunch through and puddles to splash in. And no one loves to […]


Brogues, Clarks and Disco

When you think of Clarks what image comes to mind? School shoes, right? More specifically being taken as a child to get your feet professionally fitted for Clarks  shoes. It’s a memory most of us have and one that we’ve carried with us and will probably pass onto our children too. Because let’s be honest no-one does […]