Fringe world problems.

Having a fringe isn’t simply a choice of hairstyle it’s a choice of lifestyle. There are just some things only a chick rocking a fringe will understand: WEARING A BEANIE or hat or any headwear means we’re having a bad hair day and our fringe looks revolting. Don’t expect us to take the beanie off and […]


The Eye Brow Queen

My choice in hairstyle has pretty much remained the same since I was in utero. Long and straight with a fringe. (Except a couple of years in the 80’s when I was sporting a Taylor Dayne perm). I have 2 reasons why I continue with the Fringe Festival: 1. It’s cheaper than Botox and 2. I don’t […]


She bangs…

Whether you call them bangs or a fringe – one thing is for sure, on some people it looks great and on others – well, lets just say Meryl Streep in Evil Angels comes to mind… I personally have had a fringe since I was in utero. It’s pretty much the only constant  in my […]