As couples all around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day today with their cellophane- cylinder roses and oversized teddy bears I thought it only appropriate to stop for a minute and remember some of our favourite couples of days gone by. These are couples that were together once upon a time and have since moved on, […]


Happy New Year- Billie Jean style.

Happy New Year everyone. Hope 2014 found you all happy, healthy and wise. Were you one of those people who had a whole list of resolutions that were going to signal the new you?! You know, the usual suspects – lose weight, quit smoking, eat healthy, exercise and travel more. I haven’t done any sort […]


Beauty Buzz Monday

Is it raining where you are today? Here I’m enjoying the quintessential Melbourne Summer- watching the rain drenching my clothes on the washing line, rugged up in leggings and ugg boots and drinking hot coffee while wondering where the hell the sun is! So what better way to brighten up a gloomy day than with […]