Ugly Shoes

Around this time last year I donated all 3 pairs of my Birkenstocks to my local op shop. They were in great nick and I was happy for them to go to a new home. I would’ve held onto them but I thought to myself – they’ve had their time, I’m pretty sure we won’t […]


Fake it till you make it

There’s this saying that goes Fake it till you make it. And although no-one wants to fake anything – except longer eye lashes – I agree that sometimes you just need to take this saying on board. Let me give you an example of how this worked for me. I have always looked upon gym […]


Swedish Hasbeens

Dear friends, I have decided to become a collector. A collector of something so fabulous that I just had to blog about it. No, it’s not chairs- my seat to backside ratio at home is already out of control. It’s not Danish furniture either- cause my living room is beginning to resemble Angelucci’s showroom. Which […]


Ga Ga over Gorman

Last night while I was shopping in my sexy, flannel pj’s I came across the perfect shoe/boot. It pretty much ticked every shoe box I had (see what I just did there)! (I kind of looked like this, but with a laptop, and Pj’s and pimple cream.) Practical, stylish and with the perfect heel. In […]


The adventures of the blue shoes

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably been losing sleep worrying about the state of the world – you know, important things like who will Taylor Swift date next or what will Kim Kardashian name her offspring. Unfortunately I can’t answer those questions (although I can bet Taylor’s next beau will be very young and […]

Dear friends , I'd like to share a story with you. Sad but true. I recently acquired some amazing shoes that I was super eager to wear. They were new, they were shiny and they were the red sole type. Perfect heel- not too high, not too thin, not too chunky - just right. I had broken them in the day before so I was ready to party. I wore them to a New Year's bash at a fabulous friend's house who I believe may be partly responsible for this unfortunate scenario (mainly due to the fact that his playlist was totes amaze!) It was a beautiful Summer night- there were cocktails, there was dancing and there was Justin Bieber. Exhibit A - Yours truly, serving some kind of shot that I prefer not to say, and modelling my new shoes! Please note the amazing, shiny red soles. photo Some of you that know me well, may already know that I have developed a weird obsession with Justin Bieber - especially the song Beauty and the Beat. Don't analyze it too much, it is what it is. So after a few drinks and much encouragement no encouragement I was dancing my little red-sole-shoe ass off. I was one with the music, I was the Nicki Minaj to the Bieber looking out for Selener... All was great. The music. The company. The food. The shoes. The gravel. Cue the tears when I woke up the next morning to this... IMG_6491 I screamed. Then I screamed again. Oh my lord!!! I was speechless. Husband ran in to see why I was yelling like a banshee and all I could do was hold the shoes up to his face like a sacrificial lamb. Ruined. Red soles- ruined. I blame the Bieber and the gravel and those drinks in little plastic cups that kept finding their way down my throat! Who the hell dances on gravel anyway? On a positive note, the shoes are in the process of being resoled- in red. Thank you to my dear shoe repairer in Richmond who has saved my sole many times over. The shoes will live to see another day. And there my friends is the end of my first-world-problem story. Have you had a first-world disaster lately? And most importantly does it include Justin Bieber?  X