Ugly Shoes

Around this time last year I donated all 3 pairs of my Birkenstocks to my local op shop. They were in great nick and I was happy for them to go to a new home. I would’ve held onto them but I thought to myself – they’ve had their time, I’m pretty sure we won’t […]


Baby, it’s cold outside.

I’m a European Summer baby. I love all things Ambre Solaire – the beach, the sand, the coconut oil and the iced frappes. I long for sunkissed skin, open toed shoes and endless summer days that end with beautiful vanilla sky sunsets. But before you start thinking I’m some kind of weird mermaid, let me […]


It’s getting hot in here…

Okay Melbourne- enough. Enough with this ridiculous point you’re trying to make. Yes, your weather is just as good at Sydney’s, but really? This heatwave has got to stop! It’s like there’s no air – I can’t breathe! I’m literally suffocating! It has to end. So thanks Melbourne- thanks for the amazing Summer – in […]