Take 2 Markets

Swap and shop

Last night I attended the Clothing Exchange event at Federation Square in Melbourne. It’s  a place where you can come and swap some items that you no longer wear in return for some new ones. You’re able to bring up to 6 items of either clothing, shoes, bags or accessories. In return for your items […]


Hello gorgeous things…

There’s nothing I love more than a lazy Saturday spent trawling through op shops and markets. Okay I lie- there is one thing I love more – lying on the couch in my flannels watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills/Miami/OC/Atlanta/Down Town New Dehli. Is it just me or does Vicki from Orange County look really […]


Get your clog on!

As summer approaches I find myself getting a wee, okay a lot excited, at the prospect of being able to wear my clogs again! Yes, I know I could’ve worn them in winter with socks but I never really got on board that train. You know, the sock-with-clog train! Wearing clogs encompasses all 3 of […]