About Me

I live in inner-city Melbourne and love everything about the urban lifestyle. I’m a coffee addict, graffiti lover and skinny jean wearer. My twin boys are the loves of my life who keep me laughing and entertained while providing endless inspiration for my stories.

Pop culture fascinates me and celebrities intrigue me. I love architecture and design and my favourite genre is without a doubt mid-century modern. Flat roofs, big windows and swimming pools definitely float my boat.

Becoming a mum hasn’t changed my fashion style but it has increased the speed in which I get dressed. I love fashion and am particularly drawn to street style – lots of denim, t-shirts, sunglasses and statement bags! And I am definitely a sneaker lover. Nothing gets my pulse racing faster than a fresh pair of kicks straight out of the box!

I’m a story teller and I love to write. I’m obsessed with legal dramas and crime shows which totally freaks my husband out. He constantly worries that if I decide to kill him I’ll also have enough knowledge to get away with it. How ridiculous! But strangely accurate…


Love Chrystal



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