Fashion Friday

As I type this quick blog update I’m staring at a suitcase that needs to filled and a bed piled high with clothes that need to be sorted. It’s holiday time and we’re heading North for some much needed R & R! My husband told me not to go overboard with the packing – which has just left me feeling even more confused. Can you go overboard? I don’t think so. I do need 6 black singlets. Of course I’ll wear all these shoes and no, one pair of jeans is not enough.

The blog will be on vacay for a couple of weeks but you can follow my daily updates onΒ twitter.

I’ll leave you with a pair of amazing Roberto Cavalli tuxedo pants for Target which are available now. Be quick though, fashion waits for no-one! Β I’m thinking I may need a quick detour before heading to the airport! LOVE these pants!! X

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