D is for Denial

I recently acquired some beautiful lingerie from a friend for my birthday. There were 2 bras and they were in 2 different sizes. My sister explained that she received a call from my friend to check which size she should buy. Apparently one was the size I really was and the other was the one I said I was.


Confused? Don’t be. I’ve always said I was a particular bra size when in actual fact I was much bigger. Which is kind of weird to want to be smaller isn’t it? You see for as long as I can remember I’ve always been a C cup girl- pretty average. More on the full C cup side though- but I never dared to believe I was a D cup. To me a D cup was huge, massive jugs. Bazongas. Whatever you want to call them- I didn’t want to be in that club! That was so not me!! I longed to be the waif boy-like Kate Moss with little boobs that never got in the way. So I settled for being somewhere in between Kate and Bazonga. A modest C cup. And there I stayed- well in my mind anyway.

Breasts are strange things to us women. We never really appreciate them and give them the credit they deserve. I spent most of my 20’s trying to hide them and the majority of my 30’s trying to keep the propped up. Unfortunately as a woman’s body changes so do her breasts- the shape, the fullness and elasticity. So unless you go down the augmentation path (no judgement if you do- I’d love to be a 90 year old one day with the perkiest boobs on the block) then a good bra is your best friend!

Here are some reasons why I believe a good bra can be the most important piece of clothing in your wardrobe:

1) If your breasts are not fitted correctly in the right bra then you can actually look heavier than you are. They need to be lifted high enough for you to see your belly.


2) The wrong bra can give you back fat. No matter how skinny you are!


3) If a bra is too tight then you get that double boob look where you actually look like you have 4 breasts. Not pretty- unless you have a 4 boob fetish.


4) If your bra is too big it creates big gaps at the top of the breasts – which can be quite handy at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

So today I let a stranger feel me up. Wasn’t bad. She was a pro, so experienced that all I had to do was stand there and gasp at the results. Each bra she picked for me was perfection. She seemed to know everything about my mammary glands in less than 5 minutes flat. She stated I was best suited to a balconette bra and to keep away from anything with teeny tiny straps. No itty bitty Kate Moss Calvin Klein bras for me.


Then came the question I was dreading throughout the whole fitting. “So, what size have you been wearing?” she asked. “Usually a 12C.” I casually answered.

“Riiiight…you’re actually a DD.” She said “Oh” said I.

Great, I thought to myself. Now what? I’m actually a DD. A fact I probably knew all along but was in total denial about. But you know what, I’m going to accept this new piece of information and wear them proudly. So girls, whether you have A cup, DD or EE boobs, wear them with pride. Don’t try to hide. We’re so often caught up in wanting what we don’t have that we forget to appreciate what we do.

Now, if anyone wants a cupboard full of 12C bras give me a call. I can hook you up. (pun intended). X


  1. Amy Truslove

    Hilarious! Don’t feel bad lovely, most women continue to wear the first bra size they are fitted with at 16 for the rest of their life…
    Yes I am fully qualified corsetier and worked in a lingerie company for nearly 10 years, so next time you want to be felt up in the name of new over-shoulder-boulder-holders, let me know 😉

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