Twenty Fifteen

How crazy that this is my first entry this year. It’s nearly mid August and the stores are already hanging up their Christmas decorations. I’ve decided to just write and hopefully get this blog of mine back up and running.

So much has happened this year and yet so much has remained the same.

An unexpected diagnosis of a family member kind of threw us all over the place for a while. I know we’re not the first or last family to go through this but when it’s your sister it does unimaginable things to you and suddenly you’re functioning in a completely new and different way.

A year on though I can happily say she is doing amazing and is amazing! In fact she’s the reason I’ve turned back to my blog. She’s always encouraging me to do things for me. Take time out to smell the roses. Find my happy place. Well this right here is that very place. Somewhere where I can share my life, stories and maybe resonate and connect with some of you.

falling apart


Looking forward to getting this ball rolling again. How have you all been? x


  1. Jill Ridgwell

    Hi Chrystal,
    Leanne keeps me up to date with what is happening but she obviously didn’t know about your sister. I hope all is travelling well now.Yes, life can throw a curved ball when you least expect it. Going through a long journey of chemo myself but have amazing support from family and friends where I fel very humbled. I have a fantastic wig, $69 stencil eye brows where people tell me I look 10 years younger! I have 300 sick days so do not intend to go back to work for a long while! I do not have to get up early and suffer the cold or freeze on yard duty. See…………there are many positves when you have no control about your life changing unexpectedly. Mild exercise, a positive attitude and hugging your family and friends more gives you the glass half full attitude………… I will never whinge again!!!
    Take care and look forward to your future pearls of wisdom

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