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Happy New Year everyone! I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all my subscribers and readers. I know I don’t tell you enough but I truly appreciate your support and encouraging comments because as any blogger knows – sometimes it feels like we are talking to ourselves. Which we sort of are- but you know what I mean. It’s great to know that someone is reading this. So hi and thank you!

This year I’ve upped the ante for my blog and I bought myself a real life camera! Please see the image below. It’s a Canon, it has a lens and lots of features. That’s the extent of my knowledge at the moment but I’ve promised myself to learn how to use it properly to make my blog even more awesome! The photo below however was taken with my iphone and Instagrammed- ha ha!


I took it for a test drive over the weekend on a day trip to the Peninsula. We stopped off at Frankston Markets where we always seems to leave with a car boot full of vintage goodies. These are some photos I took with my new Canon. I’m still perfecting my shooting technique so consider these the before shots- before the awesome ones.


Vintage knick knacksIMG_0065

Frankston street art


Obligatory and awesome close up of a plant


Close up of some lemons – Red Hill

So as you can (hopefully) see, the quality of the photos is so much better that I hope to be able to bring you many, many more amazing photos in 2013. There is however one huge downfall with the Canon- taking a selfie is somewhat awkward – but not impossible. X

Moi with Princess Leia bun-hat thingy and a duck face.



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