Hot MOT ahead…

To celebrate Mother’s Day today I thought I’d share some photos of my favourite MOT (Mother Of Twins). Being a fellow MOT myself I understand completely the importance of choosing the correct outfit while out walking with your twins. You see both hands are taken, so your choice of clothing and accessories must be just the right balance of comfort and efficiency. No big swinging coats, no clutches and definitely no sky high heels.

Sarah Jessica Parker epitomises that effortless chic that every mother doing the school run aspires to. From her Swedish Has-Beens to her Isabel Marants, SJP gets it right every single time. Cutie pie twins,Β Tabitha and Marion look just as comfortable strutting down the streets of West Village as their mother does.

So from one MOT to another I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day SJP- I hope Ferris Bueller and your little kidlets spoil you rotten. X









I even love the photos of her looking like every other exhausted mother in the world. Lucky no ones around to capture us when we’ve had 2 hours sleep- right?



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