Vintage find – Diane von Furstenberg

I’ve been in a vintage induced feeling of euphoria all day today. You know that feeling you get when you discover that there’s a Will and Grace marathon on TV? Well that was me today!

During one of my op shops trawls I was about to pay for a couple of maxi skirts when the most beautiful sight caught my eye- black suede, wedge boots. Picking them up I noticed something that made my heart beat faster – DVF. Diane von what?? Yes people, they were brand new, never been worn Diane von Furstenberg wedge boots. There was only one shoe there on the counter and I nervously asked the man how much they were. “Ummm…not sure…umm…what do you think?” he mumbled. What did I think?? I think you have no idea what I’m holding here – I felt like saying.

“How about we make them $20?” he says. He hardly had time to finish his sentence as I frantically opened my bag, gave him a twenty, smiled sweetly and bolted out the door.
I didn’t even try them on for von Furstenberg’s sake! Out on the street I quickly pulled off my shoes – and slipped these on…perfect- just a half size too big…perfect!!

What do you think? Do you love them as much as I do? I may never take them off…x




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