The Eye Brow Queen

My choice in hairstyle has pretty much remained the same since I was in utero. Long and straight with a fringe. (Except a couple of years in the 80’s when I was sporting a Taylor Dayne perm). I have 2 reasons why I continue with the Fringe Festival: 1. It’s cheaper than Botox and 2. I don’t have to worry about my eye brows.

The fact that my eye brows are hardly ever on display could be the reason why they are so  BLAH and BORING and also why I am so obsessed with perfect brows on other women. I have just accepted the fact that I tweezed and plucked them so much as a teenager that I am doomed to always look like Pam Anderson circa 1992. (Minus the ability to run in slow motion on the beach with my breasts in place).

When in actual fact, I DESPERATELY want eye brows like Cara Delvingne circa right NOW:CaraMy search for the perfect brows, led me to the one and only EYEBROW QUEEN herself Carmen. With celebrity clientele second to none and over 20 years experience under her belt I knew I was in good hands! Carmen, along with her daughter Diana, specialise in creating naturally defined eye brows that highlight the eye and accentuate the cheekbone.36c2b3_098a5ce47fe34cb8b5a52dc565b694d4.jpeg_srz_304_390_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpeg_srz
Carmen and her daughter Diana.

So good is Carmen at transforming brows that when my husband saw me he was convinced I’d had Botox because my eyes looked so lifted!

All it took was a few minutes to wax, trim and tint and right before my eyes I suddenly had symmetrical and natural looking brows. The tint is perfect if like me, your eyebrows are no longer thick or they’ve just stopped growing. The tint, and some expert shading with a pencil are all you need to achieve that naturally defined brow we’re all after.


The photo in the top right hand corner is my poor excuse of a brow before Carmen weaved her magic. The bottom pic shows the tint being applied-the colour looks super dark the first day but eventually fades. The picture on the left is my newly shaped brow!

IMG_3229Carmen talked me through the correct way of penciling in my brows, where to begin and where the arch should be. Information that I’m sure we all know but is so good to receive one on one.

With my newly groomed eye brows I may just have to rethink that old fringe of mine. What do you think? X

The Eyebrow Queen
Suite N/ 1st Floor
460 Chapel St
South Yarra, VIC

PH: (03) 9827 7164
MOB: 0425 730 798









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